Finland is considered to be one of the happiest and most peaceful countries of all earth. They are known to return lost wallets and whatnot back to their owners safely, I mean who even does that these days?! Well, that’s just one great thing, many more of it is listed down as follows;

The best place to spot the lights

If you plan for a vacation to Finland and you intend on knowing what is great to visit while you are there, be sure to book the Finland northern lights tour. It is known to be the best spots on earth to spot the lights, and they are visible for approximately 200 nights a year.

More natural habitat

Finland is known to be the land of a thousand lakes, but it has forest area just as much. The country is reputed for its cleanest air and water due to the abundant supply of natural habitat, making it simpler and easier to live in. They have no restriction with people walking around the place visiting the natural environment.

Santa clause is here!

This ought to be one of the best things in Finland, Santa Clause! The man in red can be met and greeted all throughout the year, there have been many people who have had lovely conversations with the person everyone thinks is not real.

Best place for skiing

Finland has the best places for skiing in all of Europe and it lasts for around six months during winter. If you are great at it or very interested, this is the best place you could try it at.

Safest places in the world

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, it is known to be one of the safest places in the world, here is where you can walk around the country with no fear regardless of the hour and if in case you lose a wallet or a mobile phone, chances are that you will have it returned to you safely.

Midnight sun film festival

The summer sun stays for over two months in a row, and they have a reason to be festive and celebrate the midnight sun film festival.

Best place to be a mom

Expectant mothers are given a box of supplies for the baby along with a years’ time of paid leave to stay with the newborn and a great education system provided for them as well.

If all of the above factors don’t amount as great, there is nothing else that will suffice.

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