Have you asked yourself countless of times why do other people can afford to travel and see different places and you cannot afford it even if you have a job? Well it is either you have no idea how to travel on a budget or you are not efficient when it comes to handling your money.

Use an incognito tab when searching for cheap flights- A lot of people are not aware that you have bigger chances of booking a cheaper flight. Also do your own research by looking for different websites and apps that offer budget friendly airfare rates for travelers.

Explore and enjoy the perks of Air BnB- Aside from looking at hotels and accommodations why not take advantage of staying at reasonably priced air BnB accommodations? You can get a good deal or huge discounts if you are planning to stay in one place for a couple of weeks to a month. The owner can give you discounts ranging from 30-50% if you book the place in advance and pay for your down payment a few weeks before your scheduled arrival.

Most BnB accommodations are condominium units with amenities like a pool and a gym and are located near commercial places so you would not have difficulty finding your way around.

If you have in international license choose to rent a car- Companies like west car rental singapore offers affordable deals for tourists who plan of driving towards their destination rather than commuting. Besides commuting can be such an inconvenience especially if you are planning to stay in one country for a long time. Do not worry too much about how to get to your destination because most of the cars right now are equipped with a GPS that can make life easier for you.

Buy some groceries- One of the biggest expenses that every traveler can have goes to food. You can save a lot of money if you buy groceries for your breakfast or late dinner. You can try out local restaurants during lunchtime. What matters is that you have ready food that you can eat whenever you feel hunger pangs. Bring some snacks and water with you when you are travelling so you won’t have to buy anymore. Local vendors sometimes jack up the prices of their food intentionally because they have this idea that most tourists have more money. Bottled drinks can cost as much as 200-300% higher than grocery prices.

It always pays to be practical while traveling because you get to visit more places without worrying if you will run out of money.

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